Do you enjoy popping on to social media to post and engage with your audience but can't seem to always find the time?  
Just imagine if you could rely on someone to consistently show up, help you strategize and keep social media burnout at bay all while working within a budget you can handle.
This could be your reality my friend!

Features include:
✔ Designed for Instagram
✔ Content planning
✔ Content creation + suggestions
✔ 2 weekly grid posts, stories 
✔ Hashtag strategy
✔ Reels brainstorming

The Maintenance Package

$750 monthly

Condensed monthly strategy call, 
graphic creation
, engagement + comment moderation (1 hr/week), quarterly strategy review, 
slack support, etc

So much more!

hashtag strategy

You see them everywhere, you know reels are important, but what should you do, what music should you use? Let us help you create the perfect plan of attack!



How well do you know your audience & what content are they looking for? Are you providing value? Let's explore & give your ideal client a reason to stick around!

content pillars + creation

Are you losing time trying to create a caption? Unsure what to post about next? Let's make a plan that's proven to free up more of your valuable time & still 

content planning

Here are some reasons why this is one of our most popular packages!

Grid posts (including carousel) up to 2x/week
Stories 2x per week (up to 6 slices)

There are many ways to increase reach & a well-planned hashtag mix is one of them. We use up-to-date data to develop a strategy & measure the success moving forward

i'm ready to chat!

- Janika Uppal

"I finally feel like my social media has a purpose. I was aimlessly posting before and wasting so much time. Kaila gave me so much education and support. I am so thankful for her"

- Katherine Bennett

"I'm so thankful I was referred to kaila and her team. after our first meeting I felt immediate relief, all my questions were answered and I was able to finally get the clarity and results I was looking for. Thank you!"


What They're Saying: