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Social media strategies to build the business and, more importantly, the life that you deserve.



"If you're finding yourself constantly wishing you just had someone to just take over, don't hesitate. You will get your life and time back by simply handing off tasks that you don't love doing. Hiring TMP was ultimately the best thing for my business over the last year and allowed me to get my business to the next phase."

- Christina Ney: Christina Ney Photography

"Kaila allows business owners to refocus their priorities and attention. This alone is so valuable."

"Kaila helped me regain balance in my personal and business life by taking the stress of social media off of my plate. I can focus on my candle business without worrying about Instagram every day and it has made such a difference for my mental health"

-Jen: Westcoast Candle Co.

"Kaila is the only person you need in your corner".


 At the Missing Piece, we work hands-on with small to medium sized businesses to curate social media content & advertising strategies that boost your presence & reach. We know that creating messaging for brands is a long-term game of strategy, building authentic communities & engaging with your ideal clients.
It's time to stop cranking out day-to-day content that doesn't go anywhere & start making an impact.

Social Media burnout can be a thing of the past. Let us help.